DBT Services in South Florida

Standard DBT Program for Adults

I offer adherent outpatient DBT services and thus provide all components of comprehensive DBT. This includes weekly individual sessions, weekly skills training groups, and between session phone coaching. In addition, I attend weekly DBT consultation team meetings. 

It is important for you as the consumer to be informed about the difference between adherent DBT and DBT informed services. The latter would not include all the DBT components outlined by the treatment developer (Dr. Marsha Linehan). Keep in mind that most research demonstrating the efficacy and effectiveness of DBT is based on adherent services. To learn more please click on the links below:

*I currently run a weekly adult skills group on Wednesday evenings. For more information, please contact us.

DBT for Comorbid PTSD

DBT has been widely used for the treatment of individuals with simple or complex-PTSD. Trauma treatment within the context of DBT varies widely and depends on the individual needs and preference of each patient. Treatment may be standard DBT or may include the addition of concurrent  trauma-focused treatment approaches such as Prolonged Exposure (PE), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Acceptant and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I would be able to offer you unique treatment suggestions based on your symptoms following an initial diagnostic and assessment meeting phase. 

*As a psychologist specialized in the treatment of Trauma, I am trained in all three trauma-focussed treatment approaches mentioned above. Please contact me for more information.

DBT for Substance Use Disorders (DBT-SA)

DBT has  also been shown to be effective for the treatment of individuals who, in addition to mood or emotion dysregulation disorder, struggle with addiction. This specific program would offer all the components of Standard DBT services in addition to skills targeting substance use. Those include urge surfing, "dialectical abstinence", "clear mind", "adaptive denial", "alternate rebellion" and many others. Depending on the needs of the individual patient, I may offer these skills in either individual or group formats.

For more information on DBT SUDs adaptation please click on the link below:

*I currently run a weekly DBT-SA Group at my practice. Please call for more information.

DBT Family Skills

Adapted from the work of Dr. Alan Furzetti and Dr. Shari Manning, this group is meant to serve as an adjunctive service to support family members and loved ones of individuals who struggle with severe emotion dysregulation. The DBT family skills group is designed to expand parents’ knowledge of Emotion Dysregulation Disorder and transactional model of communication. It is also meant to provide psychoeducation on skills to support a better quality of life for affected loved ones, participating parents, and other family members. In addition, it aims to cultivate a safe environment in which members can explore their difficulties with other participants who  experience similar struggles.

*This is by far the most popular group at my practice and is often waitlisted. It is a 12-14 week group that currently runs on Mondays. For more information or to be placed on the waitlist, please contact my office. 


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